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RHYTHM is proud to introduce the WSM Luminous King Mantel. It is a tambour style clock built from the finest of oak that lights up when you want it to. The white LED lights accentuates the beautiful array of woodwork and moldings. An AC power adapter powers the lights. The clock is also equipped with our signature WSM movements (battery operated separately from the lights). The movements allows you to play 16 well-known melodies, an hourly or quarterly Westminster chime, or 3 Christmas melodies. It also has an automatic night shut off feature.

  • Light up display
  • Hourly strike or quarterly strike
  • Demonstration button
  • Volume control
  • ON/OFF switch for LED Lights/Melodies
  • Comes with an AC adaptor (for LED lights)
  • Requires 2 C & 1 AA size batteries (for clock & melodies)

H. 15.0″

W. 24.5″


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